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Commonwealth Journal of Academic Research (CJAR) ®, ISSN: 2708-4841 (Online) & 2708-7042 (Print), Commonwealth International Journal is online, printed, indexed, accredited, refereed, peer-reviewed & OAJ (Open Access journal), which is designed to publish scholarly research articles, comparative case studies, clinical case studies, book review, review articles, literature review papers, theoretical articles, master’s thesis & doctoral dissertation publication, etc., in the core areas of [1] Arts-Humanities-Social Sciences, [2] Business Administration & Management, [3] Science & Engineering, Public Health Science and so on. The CJAR explores and publishes high-quality research, rigorously peer-reviewed open access (OA) sharing across all disciplines to international readers. CJAR strongly accredit that, Researchers, Scholars, Academicians from Commonwealth International Countries have a variety of research skills in multiple areas. They well-preserved a long-cherished scientific research history & background. In order to recognize & boost their further such scholarly works, CJAR’s International Board set a unique research paper publishing platform through open access sharing. Moreover, in essence, CJAR’s aim is to nurture and enlighten such key research and innovative findings among its global readers. Researchers from Commonwealth international nations in Read More...


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