Women Trauma Epidemic

Issue: 10, Volume: 4, Year: 2023

Women Trauma Epidemic

Date of Publication : 20, Oct, 2023

Date Of Acceptance : 25 Oct 2023

Author: OLUSEGUN Grace Funmilayo (Ph.D.)

Area of research / Subject: Women Trauma Epidemic

The “Women Trauma Epidemic” examines the pervasive and multifaceted nature of trauma disproportionately affecting women globally. This issue encompasses domestic violence, sexual assault, discrimination, and systemic gender-based violence, leading to profound psychological and physical consequences. Research highlights that women are more susceptible to certain types of trauma, such as intimate partner violence and sexual abuse, which are often exacerbated by cultural and societal factors, perpetuating cycles of trauma across generations. The epidemic’s societal implications extend to healthcare systems, policy-making, and social norms, necessitating urgent and comprehensive interventions. Studies reveal alarming prevalence rates of gender-based violence, with one in three women globally experiencing intimate partner or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. Marginalized women, including racial minorities, LGBTQ+ individuals, and those with disabilities, face compounded risks due to intersecting forms of discrimination and violence. The psychological impacts, such as PTSD, depression, and anxiety, alongside physical health issues, significantly impair women’s quality of life and impose economic burdens on healthcare systems. Key contributing factors include patriarchal societal structures, gender inequality, cultural norms promoting masculinity, historical trauma, economic dependence, lack of access to justice, and stigma. Addressing these factors through gender equality promotion, empowerment of survivors, and comprehensive support systems is crucial. Effective strategies include creative expression, self-care practices, healthy relationships, experimental programs, professional guidance, and advocacy. By integrating research, advocacy, and community engagement, society can work towards a future where women live free from the pervasive threat of trauma.

Keywords: Women, Trauma, Epidemic,

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Keywords : Women, Trauma, Epidemic,

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