What Is CJAR ? Ans. CJAR means Commonwealth Journal of Academic Research (CJAR). It’s an multidisciplinary international journal for research paper, article, case study, Review, Comparative study etc.

What is the ISSN Number of CJAR Commonwealth International Journal ?  ISSN stands for International Standard Serial Number, The ISSN of CJAR International Journal is ISSN: 2708-4841 (Online) & 2708-7042 (Print),

Is CJAR Peer Review International Journal ? Ans. Yes, of course, it is open access, double blind , peer review International Journal.

How long it takes for Peer Review Process? And, The author may expect the review report within 12 (Twelve) days after the date of submission of their complete manuscript.

Can I submit two papers in one issue? Ans. Yes, you can submit two papers in one issue for publication.

May I have Print Copy Journal ? Ans. Yes you will have copies of Printed Copy journal from CJAR.EU Office. For this you have to inform us or pay us in time.

When I shall get a print copy Journal ? Ans. There are three phases of Our Printing Schedule, they are :

January – April ( Printed copy will be distributed on MAY)

May – August ( Printed copy will be distributed on SEPTEMBER)

September – Dec. ( Printed copy will be distributed on January)

How can I pay for publication? Ans. If your paper is accepted for online or Print publication, you will be requested to pay an Article Publication Fee. Visit for details : Fee and Payment process.

HAVE ANY INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PARTNERS OF CJAR.EU? Ans. Yes, surely we have some reputed business partners from the International arena in multiple fields such as

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If you have any more questions, please write to Email: editor.cjar@gmail.com