Remolding the pedagogy for virtual classroom

Remolding the pedagogy for virtual classroom

Date of Publication : 31, Aug, 2020

Creating and using suited pedagogy for e-learning during pandemic must be focusing on the subjects being taught. Integrating new teaching methods and classroom management that maximize students’ participation must be identified and used. This paper discusses the challenges to choose or develop appropriate pedagogical tools to improvise teaching-learning environment. It also suggest the inevitable need for following the virtual classroom management techniques to lighten up the e-learning system. The aim of the paper is to discuss the challenges in redesigning the pedagogy suitable to the virtual learning in terms of subjects, mode of delivery and to suggest pedagogical tools to address the possible challenges. The objectives of the research paper is to identify the challenges in adapting a pedagogy suitable for the e-classes and methods can be used to address the challenges.  Discourse Analysis in education is used as the research methodology. The paper was written by applying the pedagogical theory of Hebart and learning style theory by Neil D. Fleming and Coleen E. Mills. Teachers and students are struggling to cope-up with the new education system in the pandemic. This study identifies the major challenges teachers face to teach online and suggests a methods which can be adopted to each the total teaching-learning process.

Keywords: virtual learning, pedagogy, virtual classroom management, covid19, students’ mental health,

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